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Frontier Electric & Mechanical is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment for all employees and anyone we work with. The personal safety and health of each employee are of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally-induced injuries and illnesses is of such importance that it will be given precedence over everyday operations to the greatest degree possible. We are committed to being the leader in our industry when it comes to the safety and health of our employees. Our goal is to reduce work-related injuries to ZERO.

All of our employees are trained and certified in the following:
• OSHA 10 Hour
• Confined Spaces
• Fire Protection and Prevention
• Hazardous Materials
• Personal Protection Equipment
• Lock Out/Tag Out
• Fork Lift Safety
• Aerial Safety
• CPR and Basic First Aid

Project Managers and Superintendents have OSHA 30 Hour
Safety Certifications
• ISNetworld

Safety Philosophy

"Each employee's enthusiastic participation in our Health and Safety process is considered to be of utmost importance regardless of their length of employment or position with the company. Our objective is a positive process where we may all work together to reduce the number of incidents to ZERO.

Our attitude at Frontier Electric & Mechanical is that all incidents can be avoided. We realize that the responsibility is a shared responsibility, as an employer, we accept the responsibility for leadership in this process and its effectiveness, and employees are responsible for positive and genuine cooperation within all aspects of this process.

The health and safety concerns are as much priority of Frontier Electric & Mechanical as quality, production, and profit. We must realize that nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and the people we work around."

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